Not everyone is going to understand you or your ways of doing things.

Even those who love you dearly, and you them, may not fully “get” why or how you do what you do.

What’s important is that your mission, your ideals and your beliefs are not compromised by the constructive criticism of others. 

It’s easy (when you haven’t done the work) to be persuaded and go back to old ways of thinking, of believing, of doing. The challenge is to continue along your path no matter what conversations arise. 

Of course you’ll listen and take in what loved ones, those who care about you, say and suggest. But ultimately, YOU have to be the one who lives with the decisions you make. 

This takes a strong value system to be developed and lived. 

I find in the many conversations I have that if your values have not been established clearly (plus revised at different stages in life) it’s difficult to make the right decision. Instead you feel as if you’re just making the best decision you can at this present moment and that it’s not tied to any future decisions you make.

However, I guarantee you that the decisions you make today have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of others around you.

Knowing that, is it important to you to make “the right” decision?

What is the right decision, you say?

The one that when viewed through your values lens FEELS in alignment with your desired outcome. 

How do you know your desired outcome?

By doing the work of tuning into your inner desires and making every step towards that direction. 

Now, it’s literally impossible to think of every “possible” scenario and how you’d react, but what #izpossible is defining a value for yourself that YOU believe in. That you can stand behind. That you would fight for. 

My goal in life is that every single person lives life to their fullest potential and isn’t afraid to express themselves in the way that FEELS right. 


Now before you tell me I just want to tell people off and what I really think! Let me ask you this: “Is that what you really want at your core?”

Why do I question?

Because I KNOW that all people have love at their centre. 

Deep down inside, LOVE is at their core. 

How do I know this?

Because to WANT love is to BE love and if there is ONE THING everyone wants in this life, it is LOVE.


So back to the raw emotion you feel coming forth out of you. Perhaps it’s not really about “telling people off” but more a “telling people their way of thinking doesn’t resonate with you and you CHOOSE to not be subject to it any longer.”

Same message, different delivery. 

I assure you, if you practice this you’ll begin to notice how unattached you are to their reaction, to your TRUTH.

This takes practice and yes sometimes you may slip back, but know that it’s just a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the stronger it gets the MORE REAL YOU comes out. 


I hope you can go out and practice this during your next conversation feeling AWESOME! Because seriously, debates can be fun and they most definitely be constructive, if you CHOOSE for them to be.

In power and love,