I see you sitting there, disempowered for something like the hundredth time because he just shut you down, yet again. The words he uses with you when he needs to get something off his chest, is angry or upset are piercing. They hurt. They piss you the FUCK off. 

But you freeze. You sit there in a state of shock really because you can’t believe that someone you love so much would treat you this way.

You do your best to see the truth, his truth, in his words. You understand that they are based on true facts, true instances, true events, although, perspective is different. BUT, your partner isn’t supposed to use these words in such an attacking way. We all have our faults, we’re human. I get that. However, there is a limit to how much a human is supposed to take.

Now, you don’t realize the limit to your pain is about to be reached. And from an unsuspecting source at that. 

As you sit there after the dust has settled, one of your children approaches you and says “Mama, I think we need to take Daddy out of our family. He isn’t nice to you.”

Then it hits you like a ton of mother-fucken bricks. 

The disempowering that you have allowed yourself to experience has not only been affecting you (although you think you’ve been hiding it well and ‘saving’ your kids from the repercussions). It has also taken its toll on your children. 

You hold yourself together during your talk with the little one, still holding onto the false sense that you’re saving him from the repercussions. The fact is, the damage has already been done. But you have a chance now to STOP any future damage awaiting you.  As you head upstairs for your shower you unleash the flood of tears you’ve held in for so long. The water is healing and calming and sets you into a balanced state. This seems to be the safest place in your home. The place where you can be alone with your feelings and simply BE.

Then you stare squarely into the mirror, in all your pure perfection, scars and all (physical and mental). You connect to your power within and tell yourself you are WORTHY of respect. You are WORTHY of love. You are WORTHY of trusting your partner to hold you, support you, believe in you. 

Finding that faint little voice hidden in the corner of your heart, safe from any more pain, you give it permission to stand the fuck up.

To say what it means.

To say what it wants.

To say what it believes in.

To say what it will and will not accept.

And that faint little voice turns into the ROAR OF A WARRIOR GODDESS!

You make a commitment like you’ve never made before. You PROMISE to yourself to RESPECT YOU. You PROMISE yourself to LOVE YOU. You PROMISE yourself to HOLD, SUPPORT and BELIEVE IN YOU.

Once you begin acting from that place of POWER, that place of DECISION that YOU will create what you want. YOU have the ability to create your life exactly the way you want it. Money, Love, Health, Spirit. It is all yours.

Needless to say, your next encounter goes precisely as you envisioned it. You stepped into your Goddess Power and kept your word. Because at the end of the day, your word is the ONLY thing you really have. 

May God bless you and the fellow Goddesses who have awakened, committed and spoken their truth. For it is them who are changing the world. One action at a time. 

My dear friend, you CAN Be, Do and Have everything you desire. And you have the permission to do so.

In power and love,


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You don’t have to settle for anything less than you want. EVER. Your life is waiting…