Creating what you want requires a BELIEF that it is meant for you.

Too many times I see people around me “want”, “want”, “want” but who are completely oblivious to KNOWING THEY ARE WORTH IT!

And that’s a funny thing because in this world, for anything to exist you must believe it to be true.

Think about it. A chair is a chair because you say it is. You BELIEVE it is. So it is.

The same way that travel may seem out of reach…because you say it is…so it is. Or the perfect partner may never show up…because you say they won’t…so they don’t. Better yet a subject that seems to be on everyone’s tongues…you feel like you never have enough money…because you say you don’t have enough…so you don’t have enough.

Think about that thing you want.

What do you tell yourself about it?

Do you say, and BELIEVE, that you can have it? That it’s on its way to you? That it’s already yours?

But I know what you’re saying “it’s hard when you really want it and it’s just not here.” Let me surprise you with one idea here.

Your life is like a blank sheet of paper. The sheet is filled by the feeling you give to the things you want, or don’t want. In turn they create your reality. The next day and the next day and the next day and the next more and more of the same IDEAS or THOUGHTS or FEELINGS or BELIEFS you are experiencing.

Now, even for the most experienced, connected or enlightened individuals, these things take practice and effort and action. For proof of that look at the Dalai Lama or the Pope for that matter. They are 2 of the most respected and admired individuals on the planet…and even they singlehandedly cannot eliminate hate, war or pain.

But yet they BELIEVE in the possibility of it. They BELIEVE that it #IzPossible to create everything you desire in your life. They keep the feeling, the idea and the faith alive that one day it will reach everyone and the world can transform into the enlightened ideal for humanity.

So if this is true, what can you do to do your part to create a better life? For yourself? For your loved ones? For your friends? For your community?

Where are you putting your thoughts on a daily basis?

Are you BELIEVING it #IzPossible for you to create everything you desire?
Are you taking ACTION towards that BELIEF?
Are you THINKING positive thoughts towards it, or instead focusing on the lack of it?

Your thoughts become things.

Choose today what you WANT to create and give yourself permission to DO IT!


Although, if you dig down deep and think about it, you’ll discover that somewhere in the depths of your being there is a belief that you don’t deserve it. It’s not meant for you. You can’t have it. Or if you are able to get it, that you can’t keep it.


I KNOW that you are not only meant for it…you DESERVE it!

But MY BELIEF doesn’t matter.

Because it’s YOU who are creating your future. It’s you who are creating your reality. It’s you who are either motivated to take the action needed or to rest on your laurels and allow life to “happen” to you.

So ponder this question today.

“What do you really want?”

Don’t take your first few answers either. Those are just surface answers, automatic replies if you will. I want you to dig a bit deeper. Ask yourself what you want to create. The impact you want to have. The difference you want to make in your life, the life of your family and friends. The legacy you want to leave behind.


And once you start believing that you won’t need any inspiration videos to light a fire under your ass. Your inner furnace will shine so bright that NO ONE will be able to dim your light. No one will be able to “shut you down”. No one will be able to dissuade you from your ULTIMATE PURPOSE IN LIFE. IN LOVE. IN BUSINESS.

Believe that what you want IS MEANT FOR YOU.

From that point forward you will begin building upon that foundation brick by brick creating the life you’ve always desired.

In power and love,

p.s. Did this post ruffle some feathers for you? Did it make you see something you didn’t before? Did it make you question your beliefs?

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