Like all relationships, my marriage has had its ups and downs.

To be honest, for a period of about 4 years it was in turmoil. Dire straits, really.

As we built our business, while working together for the first time, our relationship took a back burner. So much time, effort and focus was put on “building the business” that we lost touch with the connection between each other. 

As the days turned into months, then to years we found ourselves “successful” in business but “failing” at our marriage. This was difficult to hide from our employees and I’m certain we probably did a worse job at it than we thought. Knowing now what I know about energy there is NO WAY they couldn’t feel the tension from the moment we walked in the office.

But, we kept at it. Kept building, growing and expanding into yet higher levels of business and income. 

However, money can’t buy happiness. And all this “success” came at a price. The price of our marriage.

We sacrificed hours, vacations, time spent with family but the biggest loss came when we realized it was over. We were over. Trust me, we tried everything. Counselling, living apart, reuniting vacations but it was never enough. 

The fact was we lost what was most important to us. Our family. 

Which is why I am so passionate about leading people out of Tunnel Vision Focus and into Multi-Dimensional Success.

There is NO NEED to sacrifice your true goals for the attainment of another. EVER. 

Setting your sights on a goal is awesome. Especially when you and your partner have the same goal. But failing to set boundaries and non-negotiables can be at the detriment to achieving the goal.

In my journey I discovered 4 pillars to a successful marriage. I share them with you below because I want to help you SAVE your loving relationship.

They are:

Communication • Respect • Trust • Lust

Without these 4 core values I can assure you, your marriage is not functioning at 100%.  

In our relationship the ONLY leg that kept us connected those 4 years was that of LUST. I think my husband is HOT and SEXY and oh so scrumptious and I know I ROCK HIS WORLD! He knows me, knows my body like no other and brings out the fun, wild and adventurous side of me.

But there’s only so much a marriage can take and you have to admit 4 years of unstableness is way too much for anybody. 

So where does this tale end?

Well, those words “the divorce is final in 10 days” were the exact words I heard from the government official when I called her to ask about our filing. This call was preceded by a conversation my husband and I had that literally solidified our Communication, Respect and Trust in each other. The LUST never left us and thank God for that!

Although I was living in Florida at the time, I hopped the next plane back to Canada and we resumed to have the filing reversed. It was a miracle. 

Now, after 14+ years of marriage, we have 2 successful businesses, an amazing relationship, but most of all we have our son. He would have never seen this world had it not been for us finding our way back to ourselves. 

This story is one of passion, one of determination and one of faith

Although you may think that “filing for divorce” was giving up, I knew it was the ONLY thing I had NOT given myself permission to try. But I’m so glad I did because in the end, it’s the ONE thing that brought us back together. 

In power and love,