For those who know me, you know the last few months have seen some serious events unfold. Events that affect our family business and in turn our lives. This has caused my focus to be a bit challenging. If you’ve been accustomed to reading my posts, or watching my weekday “lunchtime lessons”, you’ve probably noticed yourself. I needed to retreat into myself to find the answer within that I’ve been searching for. 

The journey hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s fucken sucked at times. I’ve had to have some uncomfortable conversations, been forced to take a cold hard look at my path thus far and needed to do some deep soul searching for my simple truth: WHAT DO I WANT.

I find it so ironic that THE question I’ve written in my journal for the last few years is still the one I go to for clarity, direction and focus.

The truth is I’ve felt at a loss so many times sitting at my computer, not knowing what the hell to write about because my mind would wander off into “how to fix” the situation. (It’s my go to, how to ‘fix’ it. Problem is I also need to know what the outcome MUST be for me to discover ‘the fix’)

Through some heartfelt talks, sprinkled with some difficult discussions, I’ve had one thing constantly driving me. That was my BELIEF that everything would turn out exactly as I WANTED it to. So long as I just DECIDED how I wanted it to look.

And I’ll admit that deciding, no matter how damn easy is sounds, sometimes is pretty tough to do when so many things are tangled within. (Tangled, now there’s a perfectly descriptive word for life)

Let me be straight, life events are much easier to handle when you’re single, on your own and free from any major  responsibilities. If you’re human, you’ve probably realized this simple truth yourself. 

But when you have a family, a child and have settled into a cozy position within your community, it makes it just a little tougher.

I’ll be honest, I’ve used the word “auto-pilot” more than I care to admit during this time.

You know the drill: Wake, get out of bed, morning routine, shuffle through the day working, partaking in the gym (thank God I made step by step plans for my workout), meetings, coffee, phone calls, some more work, school responsibilities, kid responsibilities, husband responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, taxiing, evening routine, until finally your mind and your body both give out just in time for bed so you can shut your eyes until the morning when you get to press “auto-pilot” and do it all over again.

Exciting, isn’t it?

FUCK NO it’s not!

It’s actually the furthest thing from it.

Living your days on auto-pilot leads to aimless drifting and will get you nowhere……..FAST. Once you finally realize it, weeks, months, even YEARS can pass you by. Trust me, I’ve spoken to some of these people who took years to finally decide what they had wasn’t something they really wanted. Heck, in some cases, they’re still in it and are simply lacking the CLARITY, COURAGE and CONFIDENCE to do anything about it. 

So, why am I unloading here about this?

Because my life is a learning lesson. Not just for myself, but for others to learn from.

I put myself through the trenches, deep dive into methods, teachings and understandings of processes so I can help you see that everything you desire to create in and of your life #IzPossible. 

We all go through highs and lows throughout life. 

How boring life would be if we didn’t have these contrasts. It’s the Law of Polarity at its finest which states for one thing to exist, its polar opposite must also exist. The funny thing is, it’s not necessarily its opposite but the SAME THING simply in different degrees. One more than, the other less or absent of.

The positive I have on my side? 

It’s my mindset. 

It’s my belief. 

It’s my true knowing that I will have everything I want, when I completely align myself to materializing it in real life. 

That last part there might be a bit too far fetched for you to grasp, “what the hell is she talking about?” you might be saying to yourself. 

The simplest way I can describe it is like this:

You have a want, a desire, a deep need for something. Once you do your part (which is DOING the actions that are aligned to getting that thing) God, the Universe, will do it’s part to bring it to you.

It’s simply the Law of Attraction in practice. 

It happened to me today. It actually happens to me everyday so long as I’m in the right “feeling” of it.

So, while we’re still not out of the woods yet, I needed to process and share with you the simple idea of taking ALIGNED ACTION towards that which you desire to create so that I could remind myself of it once again. Funny how that works, but it ALWAYS works. 

Just like anything, I trust it will manifest. Why? Because I BELIEVE that it will. And my belief is stronger than anything you can imagine. 

I hope if you find yourself pressing “auto-pilot” you too can remember the 3 simple steps to getting what you want:

Commit to it

Believe you’ll get it

Take Aligned Action everyday towards it

Trust me, it can’t NOT happen. Let me know how it goes.

In power and love,