Do you own your time?

If not, why not? And better yet, HOW CAN YOU?

It’s really simple. It’s called boundaries. If you don’t have any boundaries set for the use of your time, then you’ll find yourself at the mercy of everyone else’s “time boundaries”.

This is why Calendars, Planners, Organizers are so popular. When used effectively, they manage your time for you.


There’s still something that can throw you off the rails.

And that’s BOUNDARIES.

Let’s take a quick look at your typical day. What kind of priorities do you have? I like to call them Ultimate Goals.

Ultimate Goals are the main focus of my day. They could be making a sale, sweating for 1 hour straight or hosting a healthy, delicious dinner party for my family and friends.

When you have decided what your main focus is for the day, you take that decision out of your brain compartment and open up space for actually CREATING IT.

Want to know how to identify an Ultimate Goal that will keep you clear, focused and dedicated to seeing it through….no matter how long it will take???

It’s simple.

Step 1: Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish” followed up by “WHY do I want to accomplish it?”

You see, identifying WHAT you want is often not motivating enough to keep at it no matter what distractions may arise.

You need to specify the REASON it’s so important. NOW and not tomorrow, next year or ‘someday’.

Step 2: You need to identify what ACTIONS you need to take to make it happen. This sounds like a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how many people struggle to define the steps and milestones necessary to getting things done. Oftentimes they might require the assistance of family, friends or service providers and it’s better to know what you need up front so you can prepare a realistic timeline for its completion.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent ‘waiting’ on an answer from someone before I could go any further. I’ll tell you, it was so many times that I literally created a folder that sat on my desk with written names, dates contacted and messages left. I checked this folder every. single. day. Sometimes multiple times if I was working on a tight deadline. Sure this might sound a little excessive, but to me my Ultimate Goal was greater than the names someone might label me with. I get shit done! And sometimes that comes at a price.

The ironic thing here? Those same people who may have otherwise take FOR-EVAH to get back to me in the past begin to expect my persistence and bend to MY TIMELINE. Hmmm, interesting isn’t it?

So you see, it really is that simple.

All you need are 2 things: DECIDE & TAKE ACTION

Everything else will fall into place.

Happy boundary making 😉

In power and love,