It’s funny, you know. When you recognize the things you do without thinking anymore.

You’ve probably stopped noticing your “auto-pilot” ways from rising in the morning and zombie-ing through until you get your shot of coffee, warm lemon water or the ever so pleasant smack in the face, butt or belly from your cute, loving and highly energetic child. You with me here? 🙂

This whole idea of auto-pilot has been coming up TONS in the last few months. So much so that it’s been hard to miss. I’ve experienced how it has gotten me through some days and witnessed in others the same. We DO what we have to do to get things done. But what about when you don’t have CLEARLY defined goals for yourself, your health, your impact on others?

This concept of Auto-piloting through the day has caused me to reassess relationships, goals and especially the reality of the impact I’m making in the world. 

Take for example my current state: I’m at “my” Starbucks 😉 and after yesterday decided that today I would GO WITH THE FEEL of whatever I felt. (something I ‘usually’ do, but I was going to be more present and aware to it).

I ordered my usual Americano in a mug with a side of sparkling water, but ALSO added a bagel with cream cheese (thank you very much). It’s a simple change and one that doesn’t seem worth even mentioning…but the way in which I consumed it is. 

It opened my eyes to how I do most things. Not just eat a bagel.

So here’s the deal. I like to pre-prepare my food before eating. I’m one of those keep it separate so I can taste the flavour of each individual thing. At dinner this looks like eating my protein, carbs and veggies one at a time. I can hear my Papa’s voice now “But Mija, it all gets mixed in your belly anyways.” Yeah, I know it does, but in my mouth where all my tastebuds are, where all the intense flavours come out and swirl around they DESERVE their own space and dedication to be appreciated for what they are.

Ok, I’m making myself crave a plate of salmon with some sautéed asparagus and a side of sweet potato hash. Let’s get back to my bagel, shall we?

As I was saying, I like to pre-prepare my food. Which I did. Now was the DECISION to choose which slice to eat first. Without even thinking about it, actually my unconscious mind selected the ‘right’ one, I chose the bottom slice. You know, the part of the bagel that sits on the pan, tray or rack to be cooked. This might seem somewhat unimportant but  since I’ve been ultra conscious of ‘doing what I feel’ I recognized that I ALWAYS (and those who know me know I use that word sparingly) eat the not so glamorous items first. 

You know, I don’t dive into a rib eye as soon as it’s served. I don’t delicately pull apart the salmon and place it into my mouth. I don’t aim straight for the tiger shrimp when they appear. 

Why is this meaningful?

Because I, as I imagine you might do in different circumstances, DON’T go for the MAIN prize first. Of course, this requires you to previously decide what the main prize is, in my case I’ve decided long, long, long ago that the protein was it. It was the centre of the plate, what all other ingredients complemented. “The” MAIN ingredient in a plate of food. 

I imagine it’s akin to “saving the best for last”. 

So I began to wonder, where else am I doing this in my life?

Saving my BEST lingerie for that special night. 

Saving my BEST place settings for that particular holiday dinner.

Saving my BEST life transformational programs until I’ve made them just PERFECT.

Ever heard the saying “how you do one thing is how you do everything?” Well, I’ve been living a classic case of this for a very, very……..very long time. 

I’m guessing you already KNOW what I’m gonna say here. If you’ve followed my posts you KNOW there’s always a lesson. And, I’m the kind of person who likes to ALWAYS do better. So when a seemingly unimportant and simple awareness about how you do one thing surfaces it’s best to TAKE ALIGNED ACTION NOW!

It’s been a motto I’ve been living by #BeBetter.

Feel free to borrow it if it suits you too 😉

In this case, my auto-piloting is the focus. When I bring awareness to the mindless actions I take on the daily, I can re-program them to help me move forward toward my goals. 

At first I thought this idea only applied to being better at reaching my goals but when I discovered it could also be applied to causing transformation in my mind, well my friend, that’s where ALL THE MAGIC HAPPENS.

Once you are aware AND are committed to being the BEST you can BE, anything you dream about #IzPossible.

I hope you can find your own transformation within the daily ‘auto-pilot’ ways in which you live. They really can change your life.

In power and love,



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