The truth is, my life is quite the escapade. 

I mean, I don’t dress up in costume…EVERYDAY…(not that you see at least 😉 but, my life on the daily, goes through some pretty fucking amazing jaunts. 

And I LOVE that shit about me.

How I’m able to call in all the crazy into my life. Such as my newly granted title:  #iamcrazyamazing

How I’m able to call in all the chaos that many would probably look at and think “WTF?” 

In fact, they really do WTF me. A lot.

As in:

WTF? How do you get so much done?

WTF? How’d you get a picture with Patrick Dempsey?

WTF? Where do you find the time?

WTF? How’d you narrowly escape an intruder in your home?

WTF? How did you get an offer to be part of a movie?

WTF? How do you stay so fit?

WTF? HOW old are you????

WTF? Where do you get the energy from?

WTF? …and this is my favourite…HOW DO I GET WHAT YOU HAVE???

That last one right there is where the magic lies. It’s what makes me, ME.

It’s what everybody wants, you know. To BE, DO and HAVE WHAT THEY REALLY WANT.

When you pause and take a look around, DO YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WANT?

I’m not talking material stuff either. 

It’s much deeper than that.

Do you have what you want in:

your relationships?

your business?

your body?

your impact?

your purpose?

your flow?

your desires?

your happiness?

your joy?

your pleasure?

your travels?

your experiences?

Have you ever just stopped and ASKED?



and waited for the answer to emerge from inside your body? 

You know, the tingles. The butterflies. The warm energy flow that signals YOU’RE ONTO SOMETHING HERE. 

This is why I’ve coined the term #EWM “everybody wants me” because EVERYBODY (even the haters, creepers & especially the lurkers) wants to be 100% fully self expressed. As in totally in fucken TUNE with their desires. Like I am.

So, how do I do it? How do I KNOW WHAT I WANT and CREATE IT?

I tune into my intuition. 

I ask myself the question.

I listen and take ALIGNED ACTION.


How you want to live.

What you want to have.

Who you want to do it with.

When you want to do it.

Where you want to do it.

Are you committed to make it happen?

I pray that you ARE. Because that’s where you will find your TRUEST HAPPINESS.

In power and love,