The  Ladies Business Lounge


Woman, Partner, Business Owner, Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Leader, Chef, Coach, Psychologist, Athlete, Wife, Salesperson, Yogi, Lover, Friend, Sister, the list goes on!

These roles describe you, they define you and oftentimes they require so much of your precious time that you forget to take care of THE most important role of all: YOU!

You know you can DO it all, BE it all and you can HAVE it all!

But sometimes you just need some support and accountability to GET IT ALL DONE!

You’re a strong and dedicated woman.
You’re building your business in the midst of all of the above.
You’re getting help from your friends and family, but sometimes this just isn’t enough.

You need help.
You need support.
You need a strategy.

Imagine setting your Goals for the year and actually ACHIEVING them!
No more “wishes” but instead actual “GOALS” that are achievable, light you up and fulfill that purpose inside of you on Multiple Dimensions.

You see, I’ve been listening to the wants and desires from all of you.

You’ve tried 1:1 coaching.
You’ve enrolled in group programs.
You’ve attended the seminars, webinars and trainings.
You maybe even have an accountability buddy.

What you’re looking for is an affordable solution where you can get it ALL: the support, the strategies, and the camaraderie you need and want. (and this I know because it’s precisely what you’ve been telling me in the Fiercely Feminine Entrepreneur Group, on 1:1 calls and via messages).

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You don’t mind investing in yourself, but you want MORE than just 1:1 coaching where you’re given the “how” but need help with the implementation, MORE than just a group program where you’re lacking in the individual support and MORE than a 1 day seminar where you get TONS of useful information but actually retain only 10-20% at best.

The common message out there is that you MUST invest at super high levels to achieve amazing results.

That’s just NOT TRUE!

Things are not always what they seem and as a woman in business who has maybe been burned (hiring coaches who don’t deliver) or at the very least let down with previous promises of “make 20K months your new normal” you’re looking for THE solution that will give you EVERYTHING you need all in one place, without breaking the bank.

What you really need is someone who has the experience, the knowledge and the DESIRE to see YOU succeed.

Is building a business difficult? Yes, at times it is.
Is building a business lonely? Yes again.
Is building a business overwhelming? Yes, sometimes it can be.

However, building a business is also the best self development program you will EVER invest in. The key is knowing what to invest in to make the most of your journey.  

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The Ladies Lounge will feature trainings for both your Personal life and Business life, surround you with women who are serious about investing in their business, offer you personalized support and accountability and MORE!

What I can honestly say is that the entrepreneurial journey is so much more enjoyable when shared with like-minded women.

Females are the nurturing, community minded and supporting gender. Regardless whether you have a strict regimen of masculine structures you adhere to you and your innate instincts are rooted in a role where you can support others as you receive support yourself.

I have listened, I have reflected and I have now created a space that will satisfy your deep desires. A place where your Personal and Business Goals are put front and centre because I believe that to achieve true Multi-Dimensional Success requires balance in all areas of your life. This space consists of the 4 pillars necessary to achieve success in life, they are: Personal, Livelihood, Activity and Nurture.

Introducing the Membership Program for Women Entrepreneur’s who are ready to make an IMPACT in their Business & Life!

I bring you. . .

The Ladies Business Lounge

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This membership program will offer you my personal trainings with a combination of my LIVE guidance and support PLUS monthly Guest Experts, Challenges and MORE! The outline is below but I like to be guided by my intuition and I’m already feeling some extra special surprises are in store for YOU!


The Ladies Business Lounge includes:

Business Building Modules

Guest Experts


Signature Trainings


“How to” Library

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

All this PLUS any extra juicy bonus I feel inspired to include for only $98.00 USD/Month.

YES ONLY $98.00/MONTH!!! This rate is an AWESOME deal when you think about ALL the content, support and LIVE time you will receive to help you Build Your Business and Balance Your Life it’s a no brainer! Who doesn’t want that!

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A woman with a plan is determined. A woman with a plan and accountability is unstoppable. ~Isabel Starck


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Upcoming Guest Experts:

Special Ideal Client training by the lovely Aleksandra Lacka who has worked with companies such as Cartier, Missoni and BET and is now helping women entrepreneurs establish clarity in their business through identifying specifically who they want to work with and how to position themselves for success!

Danielle Murrell is an Online Business and Branding Strategist helping women entrepreneurs create a Client Attractive brand through her boutique firm, Rich Girl Business. In less than 2 years she has built a multiple 6 figure business leveraging her marketing and web designing background.

To join simply purchase below and you'll be registered. But don't wait too long because the sooner you get in, the MORE LIVE time we get together. YES, I WANT IN!!!

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Can’t wait to see you on the inside. If you are in my Facebook group, you KNOW how much I give to my community. This private membership group takes it to a whole other level of Awesomeness! I am committed to seeing you Believe and Achieve YOUR Dreams!

Let’s get ready to party!



One final note. . .

Hello My Dear, 

All my life I have always known I was meant for more, meant to make a great impact in this world. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that you too have always known you were meant to share your gifts with the world.

Not long ago I was in the same shoes. And I’ll tell you, when I finally gave myself the gift of support is when I started to see a shift, started to see what was possible for me.

Helping people has always come natural to me. I love being witness to others becoming the best version of themselves. Today, I am here for you.

My greatest joy is watching others accomplish their goals and overcome obstacles. True happiness expressed in life is what I believe will make our world a better place.

I look forward to seeing your success and watching the magic unfold.

If you have any doubt, hand it over to me. I’ll store it in a special container to safeguard you from it. If you have any fear, hand that over too! Those two can keep each other company on the shelf during our time together.

I am committed to seeing your best self emerge and seeing your true ability realized.

You are at a cross roads in life. Continue on the same path and have more of what you’ve already gotten. Or take the road less travelled and uncover what amazing wonders are waiting for you. My purpose is seeing and helping you realize your dreams. It’s when those dreams and faith come together that the magic happens.

Your dreams exist because they are meant for you. I’m here to help you make them a reality.

I believe in you.

In Power and Love,

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