I was at the grocery store the other day and just wanted to cry. 

It wasn’t a little sad, feeling melancholic over a song or memory I had, but full on, open the flood gates and just let the tears flow. 

I fought hard to not breakdown. 

I did my best to not make eye contact.

I had my earbuds in. (classic sign: DO NOT TALK TO ME)

But the feeling was pretty intense and I could feel I’M GOING TO EXPLODE!

I hustled through getting the items in my mental grocery list, fact is, I realistically shouldn’t have been there without being prepared, but that’s for another post. 

Then, I finally made it out. I could be alone to deal with what was happening to me.

I’m pretty grateful that I have the freedom to BE with myself during the day to process, reflect and nurture my soul when I need to.

This isn’t always the case, I know. Sometimes even I find myself in situations where I gotta keep my shit together which at times goes against my vow to be gentle with myself and allow the lesson to surface without the negativity of “That’s not appropriate right now.” “Get a hold of yourself, you overly emotional woman.” Or my favourite: “You’re stronger than that.”

The truth is, I’m pretty fucken strong. Ask anyone who has dealt with me personally. 




I have lived through some of the toughest experiences anyone else ever has. SO HAVE YOU, MIND YOU.

But in the moment when our vulnerabilities are begging to be noticed, sometimes it’s hard to give them the attention they deserve, because: HELLO! LIFE IS HAPPENING!!!

What I’ve learned through my training is that our LIFE JOB is  to show up as our BEST SELF. 

To BE BETTER than we were before. Because we all fuck up at times. (And those who are the first to point a finger at me back the fuck up because you have 3 pointing right back at you 😉 

So, how’d my day end up?


There was a moment, I can almost pinpoint it down to the second, where I felt the burst of energy inside. The change in my internal composition. 

It literally could have lifted me off my chair and made me float. 

I felt lighter.

I felt solid.


Then my energy shifted, the fogginess I felt about EVERYTHING looked like bowling pins dropping 1 by 1 as ALIGNED ACTION took over. 

Now, I’m here sharing this with you because I KNOW someone needs to hear this. I KNOW you have moments that suck the life out of you. Moments you wish you could simply escape from. 

And I’m here to tell you, it’s OK to give yourself the time to take care of YOU.

Because if you don’t do…moments will turn into days…days into weeks…weeks into months…and…you get the picture. 

Pause and take care of YOU, Plz!!!

Then all you have to offer the world will flourish and ooze out of your like a waterfall of inspiration.

In power and love,