Whenever I want to figure out a solution to anything I make an appointment in my Intention Chamber.

This chamber is a magic space that focuses my attention on the matter at hand, opens my mind to possibilities and cleanses me from the outside in creating space for inspiration to come through. 

You’ve probably heard me talk about the 5 ways to create change in your life. The intention chamber is an example of one of my favourites, pairing. 

Pairing to change a habit, whether starting or stopping something, requires you to identify something that you do every single day. It could be driving your kids to school, waking up, brushing your teeth. 

Essentially you “pair” the new habit you desire to have with something that you already do. This creates a trigger inside of you reminding you that it’s time to “do this” new action. 

For years I have adopted this system and I can tell you I’m still doing today those things I choose to create. 

When it came to coming up with solutions to problems I recognized that I ALWAYS gained inspiration when taking a shower. There were times I couldn’t get out fast enough to write down my idea before it vanished that I started writing on the glass wall! 

I would come up with all kinds of answers to things I asked days, weeks or even months ago. 

So I thought, let’s do a test. 

What if I went into the shower with an intention to find clarity around a challenge, thought or idea?

Next time I showered, I reminded myself to set an intention before going in. And guess what happened? I identified the next steps on my path. I was able to visualize pretty clearly how things would go down and what the results would look like.

I started doing this regularly and before I knew it I was doing it daily. 

I loved THIS!

Take a shower and solve a problem.

Take a shower and outline a program. 

Take a shower and discover my next client. 

It was like magic and I decided this little action I stumbled upon deserved a name. Next thing I knew, the Intention Chamber was born. 

If you find yourself struggling with a problem, going in circles with what direction to take, wondering what your “next thing” is going to be, I invite you to try this. 

However, don’t limit yourself to just the shower. I chose the shower because it was a natural step since I was already solving problems in there. You can choose anything you already do regularly and then choose to set an intention before you do that thing. 

You’ve got nothing to lose (since you’re doing that action anyway) and all the possibilities to gain.