I get what I want…ALWAYS.

As I’m sitting here writing in Starbucks (ahem, Reserve Starbucks), I’m enjoying my usual drink, but a little unusually.

Here’s the thing, I like my coffee. 

A lot.

And I also like things HOW I LIKE THEM. Always.

This goes from life, business, relationships, workouts, intensity, feelings, emotions, ALL OF IT.

So when life presents me with something “less than” what I want, I take action to make it “how I want”. 

Plain and simple…THE END. 

However, before we get into “the story” at Starbucks, let me take you on the tangent thought it took me to. My mind is wired in such a way that it connects shit that isn’t really connected…but actually really Iz 😉

Are you like that too? Probably. That’s why you’re reading my shit, because it reminds you of how you are. Of who you are. And guess what???? WE’RE BOTH FUCKEN NORMAL, you and me!!!

Ok, as I was saying….

My mind jumped to a scene in my life, many scenes actually, where I’d be confronted by a complainer. You know the type, it’s the one that always has something to say but doesn’t have the courage, confidence or charisma to do anything about it. 

Out loud. 

To the person, place or thing that is causing them the anguish. 

TT: is it really anguish though??? Hmmmm, perhaps that’s for another post….

This complainer appears in many different forms: men, women, children. Sometimes my alignment, balance and clarity is able to convince them to take ACTION on the thing they WANT. Instead of simply settling for what they really don’t want. 

But other times, they fester. 


They continue on with what they don’t want and guess where that leads them???




Let me ask you one thing: “WHO THE HELL WANTS TO LIVE A LIFE LIKE THAT?”

I believe we are created with unlimited possibilities yet to be discovered. 

We are designed to be HAPPY.

We are designed to be FULFILLED.

We are designed to SELF EXPRESS FULL OUT in all areas of life. 

When we deny ourselves these expressions, we start to chip away at our soul. Our life force. Which then leads us to living a life that we don’t even recognize. One that some people look back on, on their deathbed, and think “I wish I would have…”

I BELIEVE I am here to give you a message. 

And the message is this:


Ain’t nobody gonna make your dreams come true, but YOU.

YOU need to find the courage within you to go forth with what you desire. 

YOU need to build the confidence in asking for what you want and knowing you are worth it.

YOU need to live life with the charisma of a LOVER OF LIFE.

Got it?

Message received?

Good, let’s get back to my story…

So, back at the coffee shop, as I received my drink with a side of sparkling water and a banana bread to go along for good measure, I realized it “looked” different.

Same mug. (I don’t do to-go cups unless I’m actually “to-going”…same as my workout gear, I only wear it when I’m actually going to workout!)

Same tray.

Same water glass.

But something seemed off. 

I remembered I was so impressed with the look of my coffee a few days back that I actually took a photo of it and sent it to a client. As I searched for the image and found it, it became immediately clear “what was different”.

The crema on top of my drink was non-existent. 

Completely missing. 




So here my friends, is where I had a choice to make. 

  1. simply deal with the coffee, which I’m sure would have been good (although not as good)
  2. get my ass out of my comfy spot and tell the barista about it

I’m sure you can guess which one I chose. 

As I described in detail what I expected vs. what I got, with a picture to prove it, they analyzed, asked the “lead barista” and came to the consensus that what I actually got was something totally different. 

So, as they proceeded to make the correct coffee for me, crema layer and all, I happily waited for the perfect cup to be presented. 

Which it was.

And tasted divine along with my banana bread and sparkling water. 

Ready for the lesson?

Did you get it?

If you ASK for what you WANT, you’ll GET IT.






The end.


In power and love,


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