Drowning out the noise…

It’s a challenge only if you allow it to be.

As I sit here at the bar, little corner of my own, bartender giving me my space but checking on me at the perfect time, the commonly manifested stranger who offers to provide me with nourishment in the form of carefully selected meats and cheeses, I am reminded that I CREATE MY OWN REALITY.


The end.

Oftentimes I’m in awe of my manifesting skills. 

The desire to “feel” a certain way.

The desire to have a certain experience. 

The desire to BE who I am and allow all the goodness to enter my life in all its glory.

Pretty magnificent when I pause to think about what I create.

Everyone staring at the woman in silver sneakers, fedora on and “working” on her computer at the bar ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!

Oh the horror!

To which I just fucken laugh my ass off.

Because really? I do what I fucken want. When I want. With who I want. Where I want. 

Always and forever. The End.

And honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was asked tonight why I don’t “take a break” from work? To which I answer “this is not fucken work, this is art, this is passion, this IZ ME”.

My message empowers others to BE, DO and HAVE what they desire in THEIR OWN LIFE.

By me living by example they are given permission to LIVE LIFE the way they desire.

100% fully expressed.

Although getting here to this mental space isn’t necessarily the easiest for some. I’ve heard from so many “don’t you feel bad for missing out on _________”. 

NO, in fact I really don’t.

Because when I’m here, I’M HERE.

And when I’m there, I’M FUCKEN THERE.

Completely, fully and 100% with presence and love and true acceptance of what is presented before me.

Do people think I’m weird?


Do people say things about me that “hurt” my feelings?


Do people look upon me with “pity” because “how could she possibly be happy doing what she’s doing?”


The answer to all 3????


Accept what I FEEL INSIDE.


And those who are lucky (YES, I said LUCKY) enough to experience me for ME get the BEST of me. 

The ME that is unfiltered. 

The ME that lives fully expressed.

The ME that takes risks.

The ME that challenges YOU to BE your BEST.

And that’s quite a special place to be, honestly.

There’s nothing quite like it and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of living FULL OUT with me supporting you, lifting you, and LIVING right beside you, you KNOW that it is the most elated, gratifying and FREEING FEELING you’ve ever experienced.

Yes, I am THAT good. 😉 

My prayer for you is that you get to LIVE FULL OUT 100% in every area of your life because it’s just too fucken short for you to “pretend” you’re happy with the prison walls you’ve created around you.

My departing message or prayer for you?

That you find the COURAGE to BE who you dream yourself to be.

That you uncover your TRUE DESIRES.

That you grant yourself the PERMISSION to live your dreams no matter how fucken crazy, inappropriate or out of character they may be.

Because at the end of your life you don’t want to be on your death bed asking yourself “what if?”

In power and love,