Life gives you lessons everywhere you look.

The trick is in looking for them and being open to them when they come.

Not everyone is read

Here’s the truth. What you WANT is sometimes NOT what you WANT. 

I see this all the time with myself, with clients, with strangers in the street. They appear to WANT something whether it be the attention of one, the new contract that will bring them 10’s of thousands, or simply the kind gesture of the person behind the counter.

Take for example my coffee encounter this morning. 

I searched a shop in my nearest vicinity and as I ordered my coffee I was greeted kindly by the guy behind the counter. It was a nice enough encounter, not ANYTHING like my usual encounter at my local Starbucks…but good “enough”. 

However, then came the barista interaction.

Now this caused me a huge WTF moment. The guy couldn’t have been older than 30 years old (however, enough time to mature), but clearly, even this early in the morning, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Now, I’m my usual cool, happy-go lucky self being present and pleasant knowing that what I give I normally receive in return and EXPECT to receive10 fold. (this works for me 😉 

But not here. 

As this barista proceeded to serve me a nice whole milk OVER FUCKEN ICE for my son, I looked at it with a very confused face. Was this seriously “the drink I ordered?” Much to my surprise, it was and he called out my name and slid it over to me. 

Well, as you all know I GET WHAT I WANT ALWAYS, and this simple serving of a milk for my son poured over non filtered ice was NOT what I had in mind. 

So, I sent it back.

Like I do EVERYTHING else in life that doesn’t meet my standards. 

Don’t WANT it, send it back. 

Because life is too short to accept anything else other than exactly WHAT YOU WANT.

You feelin’ me?

Which brings me to manifesting. As you know, I’m a master manifestor and I somehow magically attract exactly what I want and need and desire into my life, no excuses and not questions asked.

Sometimes it doesn’t look exactly as I thought or pictured or envisioned, but in the end it is exactly what my should required. 

And since I live my life ready to RECEIVE what is presented, no questions asked, I am granted beautiful life experiences that fill me up, teach me lessons and occasionally provide me with high end experiences at the highest point in Ottawa’s best hotel. 

So, yes, you RECEIVE what you desire if you’d only stay open to the experiences and not judge them against what you “thought” you needed/wanted at the start of the night. 

The beauty of the night and of life in general is that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. 

Connections happen.

Stories are shared. 

Clients appear.

Out of thin air sometimes. Others, it’s just a timeline waiting to happen. 

The lesson?

Stay open to the possibilities the present themselves. You never know what you might encounter or where they may lead you.

In power and love,