How soon is too soon?

How long is too long?

As many of you know, I work from home most days, and I truly love the freedom I have to do that.

However, a couple weeks ago as I worked from the patio I was approached by a man who went on to attempt to break into my house WHILE I WAS HERE.

This was scary as fuck! I still have tears well up when I think about it.

Which brings me to my first 2 sentences.

When is it safe, appropriate, expected to “get over” something?

Now, mind you, I’m safe. We did a clean sweep of the property inside and out. Luckily nothing was missing but more so, there was no attack, at least physically. However, emotionally is a different story. 

The reality is, situations like this have a strong impact on your psyche. I noticed myself jolted by odd sounds, being on edge and looking over my shoulder as I tried to return to my work mere minutes after. 

So, as I do with everything else in life, I asked myself “What’s the lesson?”

The beauty of the answer is you get to CHOOSE what your answer is. 

Hell yeah I was fucken scared!

Hell yeah I was crying.

Hell yeah I was breathing shallow. 

But the fact remains that this too shall pass. 

And the lesson I chose to take was

  1. Secure safety for my family
  2. Freedom over Fear

Everything I teach is about wrapping your mindset around what you want to create, then taking aligned action to create it.

So I declared I wanted to feel safe in my home then decided what I needed to do to have that. 

Next I CHOSE to face the fear and create the freedom by “doing” the things I would normally do. Like writing. 

Like sharing. 

Like giving my fear the space to fully express itself, embracing it then FULLY RELEASING IT.

I’ll be the first to admit, it was a little difficult at first. This happened at about 12:04pm and it’s now a couple weeks out and I’m finally writing about it. 

The fact is, we are surrounded by circumstances, situations and conundrums all day. And many times, we have NO control over them…

Except for one thing…

How we will react to them. And when the time calls for it, I’m thankful I know how to think on my feet and take the action needed, swiftly.

Am I grateful I had the sense to gather my belongings as the intruder approached my patio?

Hell yes!

Am I grateful I had time to lock the doors before he creeped in the fence into our backyard?

Hell yes!

Am I grateful to have neighbours who answered their door and helped me?

You better believe it. 

So now that fight or flight has passed and I’ve had the time to look at the situation I know there are 2 directions I can go from here:

  1. Stay afraid
  2. Empower myself

I’m certain you KNOW which one I chose.

But getting there is crucial to our empowerment. What we resist, persists. Therefore, allowing the fear to rise and even giving it the space to consume my mind for some time makes it less threatening. 

I CHOSE to take the actions to get past the fear, to create the peace, presence and possibility of being fearless, owning my space and feeling SAFE again.

This involved:

having a camera installed. 

inviting a local policeman, now close friend, into our home to help set my family at ease. 

me spending time on the patio, tidying up, writing and simply sitting outside, while someone was home. 

However, today was the real test. I chose to WORK on the patio, as I was when this all happened. 

Now as I sit here on my patio, camera installed, writing this post, I feel the sense of fear slowly exit my body…exit my mind. 

Could there be another encounter? Certainly. 

Do I know and trust that I would act in perfect time to avoid any attack? Absolutely.

What I’ve learned most from this episode is the fact that everything happens in perfect time. 


To follow the feeling.

Which is how I normally live my life. I move towards what feels good, safe, right.

On that day, following the feels served me well.
May it serve you and keep you safe as well.

In power and love,