My next guest is Kimra Luna, founder of Freedom Hackers Mastermind and Webinar Guru of Rock It With Webinars. Kimra’s the last person you’d expect to become a millionaire, or to be profiled by The Huffington Post, Business Insider or Forbes. Born and raised on government assistance with no college education or business background, Kimra looked like she would stay stuck in a cycle of poverty.

However, in just a few short years, she went from surviving on food stamps to growing her online business using webinars and Facebook ads. Kimra was earning 5-figures a month from the start, and within three months, her husband was able to “retire” from his $25,000-a-year FedEx job.

At just 30 years old, Kimra has already earned in excess of two million dollars. Since launching her business in May of 2014, she has inspired over 90,000 people on her email list plus her online communities to start their own freedom-based businesses through teaching them the technical aspects of growing an online business.  This is all due to her philosophy of “throwing value around like confetti” and over-delivering to clients and customers, which she says is the key to growing a community of raving fans and avid buyers.

Kimra’s Freedom Hackers Mastermind has become one of the top Facebook communities for networking and learning how to grow a successful online business. And her signature program, Be True, Brand You has enrolled over 1000 students.

Kimra is a happy wife and mother to 3 boys aged seven and under. She lives in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City and is obsessed with punk rock music, Doctor Who and delicious vegan cuisine.

Find her at: http://freedomhackers.com

Learn about her journey, gain insight and get practical tips on how to follow your dreams and create the life you want.