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Looking for a place where you can connect with likeminded Women Entrepreneurs? 

Group_Queens Photo Shoot-8744Then come and join us in the Fiercely Feminine Entrepreneur Facebook Group.
This group offers you a place to connect with your Sisterhood “online” with some special “Live and In Person” Monthly events WORLDWIDE!

Socializing is my thing. Which is in large part WHY I created this group! To connect! To share our experiences, our wins and support each other when we may be feeling down and raising that glass of champagne when it’s time to celebrate! Yes it’s on Facebook and that involves you and the internet (obviously you don’t have to leave your home for that), but the relationships that are developed online, the women who share some of your same struggles and the joy that we can all have celebrating each others victories is not only welcomed, but in my opinion MANDATORY to achieve true success and happiness.

I know all too well the pitfalls of working from home and getting stuck in a rut because you don’t have to “dress up” for anyone.

I know how easy it is for us to not even leave the house because “there’s so much to do”.

I know how defeating it can feel when you have received yet another “sorry, I can’t buy this/that right now” from your potential client’s.

This is why it’s so important to become a part of a community of women who truly care.
 Who also desire that Feminine connection in their lives because we are surrounded by so much masculinity, especially in business. It may be a man’s world, but we women are claiming our space in it with Fierceness!

So naturally we introduced the Monthly Business Building Social, another level of our community that involves the joy of meeting in person to connect, support and celebrate one another LIVE! Trust me, I love chatting with you ladies online and seeing what you’re up to, but there comes a time when I just want to get out and HUG you!

WELCOME! I certainly hope to meet you soon! Either online or at one of our live events.

In Power and Love,

isabel signatre