When you withhold information from others you rob yourself from fully experiencing the joy of connection.

Imagine a woman who finds out she’s pregnant, it’s typically a joyous time, a magical time, a time to be shared, especially with the baby’s father. But what if she held the information back, not because she chose to “surprise’ him, but because she wanted to wait for the “perfect moment” to tell him.

Well, she might be waiting for some time. Why? Because life happens. He might come home from work in a bad mood, or worst yet tell his wife that he’s lost his job.

Then what happens? This amazing news now has a dark cloud over it as it means not only will the couple have to deal with the inconvenience of being less 1 income, but the child will too.

The beauty of life and the experiences we live are meant to be shared with those we love. That means the happy, uplifting ones AND the shocking, distressing ones. They’re meant to be shared so that we can come closer together, bond and BE present and in the moment…together.

The question I ask is “Why would you keep such important and/or exciting news from people you love?

Oftentimes you’ll find fear at the root of that problem.

Fear that it’s just not the right time to have this experience.
Fear that you feel guilty for the experience and how it might affect others.
Fear for doing something that doesn’t feel like the responsible thing to do.
Fear of being judged for making a selfish choice.
Fear for being called out on your shit.

When you share and allow someone into your life, you open your world up to connection.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a time when you opened up about a thought, experience or struggle and instantly felt the weight lifted from your shoulders. You felt supported and not because who you shared with will take away the pain, but because you were no longer alone with a secret.

By sharing you empower yourself to accept the situation and find a solution. You also empower the other person by allowing them to be there for you. To comfort you. To show you love.

Because at the end of it all, isn’t that ALL everyone desires?

To be loved?

I have found that at the core of every instance, situation and dilemma is the lack of love.

Love to be understood.
Love to be accepted.
Love to be supported.

We are ALL in this existence TOGETHER.

Allow yourself to embrace that reality.

In power and love,