No amount of trying to get things done will ever be sustainable if you are not in alignment. 

Sooner or later the persona you’ve grown into, the business you’ve built, the sales you’ve amassed will all fall away slowly or abruptly if you don’t believe in why you’re doing it. 

In the land of online personal branding everyone is becoming an entrepreneur overnight. But the fact is I am already starting to see a decline in the numbers of people hitting the market. Why? Because you can’t just come out here and sell what you think people want if you haven’t done the work to get ultra clear on WHY you’re doing it in the first. place.

Alignment leads to Abundance.

When you are truly aligned with your message, your purpose and your business, your audience will flock to you. They will find you and maybe lurk for awhile but ultimately they will knock down walls to be in the same room as you. Why? Because a person who is in alignment is magnetic. What they stand for is apparent. Who they serve is someone people want to be!

Call it a tribe, call it a cult. 

I have a client who worked for Diesel jeans before their huge rise to fame. Hearing him talk about the culture that was built at this company closely resembled a religion. Staff were treated like family but just like any family while they had your back they also demanded a lot from you. 

Diesel knew that their goal was to become the top premium jean (designer denim wasn’t even a term back then) manufacturer in the world. 

How does the story of Diesel relate to you? If you are able to identify what feels right, when your in alignment, nothing will stop you. Diesel kept their vision and stayed aligned with the goal of becoming the best because they offered the best partnering with the best.

By you getting ultra clear on your mission, what you’re put here on this planet for, what feels right to you, you too can achieve great success. 

However, if you find yourself uncertain about your vision, distracted by everyone else in the market and panicked when your offerings don’t turn into the results you hoped then it’s time you checked in with yourself and asked:

What feels right?

What would I do whether I got paid or not?

What impact do I want to make?

Going deeper instead of wider brings great clarity. Maybe you’ll discover you are doing things that just don’t feel right. Things that somehow are sacrificing something you believe in. Things that are “all the right things” but aren’t delivering the results you want. 


The only way to achieve Abundance is through Alignment. Get clear on your beliefs, your vision and your mission will present itself. 

Each and everyone was born with a purpose. The moment you discover that purpose is moment you define your mission in life.

If not now, when?