Sometimes, we’ve got to be put in our place.

Most likely we won’t like it. After all, we feel like we should be free to be and do as we please without asking for permission from ANYBODY.

But here’s the thing, our actions affect other people. And when those other people matter to us, are important to us, we care about, we best take a listen, pause and reflect on the actions we take.

This same goes for inaction.

If you’ve allowed fear to hold you back from taking action in your life or your business, if you’ve made sure that taking that action will not trample on your morals, ethics or values, if you’ve looked long and hard and discovered that your close relationships are screaming for the lifeblood of that action, then my friend, you better pull up your bootstraps, put on your big girl (or boy) panties and do the damn thing.

You see, no one, accept you, is in charge of your actions. Same goes for your inactions. You only have yourself to blame or celebrate for the things you do.

This might come as a surprise, but even an action done with the intention for another’s happiness or joy does wonders for YOU.

The affect of doing good acts as great as moving to a new country to start a new life together or as small as liking a loved one’s post can mean the world to the receiver, but it can and does most often impart a beautiful side affect on you. For YOU have been the giver of something sometimes so simple, but that brings so much joy in another that the selfless act is compounded in its greatness.

What I see happen a lot is the giver getting such a high that they in turn begin interacting more, becoming more present, being more MINDFUL of their actions, no matter how small.

But let me ask you this:
What if you were being hurt inside for LACK of attention?
What if you were missing the support from the one’s you love the most?

I bet if you happen to look deep enough you’ll discover that you, yourself, were ignoring what you really wanted at your core but instead settling for less.

Tune into that for a minute.

Everything we desire outside ourselves originates within us, first. Plus, for us to know and experience such greatness, such beauty, such love, such joy, such abundance, we must also know it’s polar opposite.

We can’t know love without also knowing hate.
We can’t know abundance without also knowing scarcity.
We can’t know joy without also knowing sorrow.

So today I’m here to remind you that YOU can and are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for your inactions. You are responsible for your dreams.

Which will you feed more?

In power and love,